I started this blog last summer after I left my job at Talisman and before I went on my big adventure to Europe.  I’ve been back at work for five months now, enjoying myself, mostly doing a better job of thinking about the things that matter to me.  Recently I was reminded that I’m not doing two things that I told myself I would.  I’m not finding enough time for creativity, and I’m not taking enough time to step back and think.  I’m back to some of my old patterns of doing, doing, doing…and not spending enough time sitting at 30,000 feet and letting the waves wash over my feet.  It’s probably because I’m better at doing than not doing… and we gravitate towards what’s comfortable.

But the title of that leadership book “What got you here won’t get you there”  – or something like that – is a good reminder.  You can’t become different without being different.  Note to self.


  1. Patrick Wesley says:

    You write well, kid. Dad


  2. Susan says:

    Love this, Helen. Can’t wait to read more!! xo


  3. Dave M says:

    Well done, and the punctuation is impeccable ☺️


  4. Jill McD says:

    Huh, you left just in time to miss the snow storm. good thing for “repotting”! Have fun. Quite jealous!



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